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Youth Protection

Keep Scouting Safe

Youth Protection is a REQUIRED training for all REGISTERED ADULTS. . Registration for new adult leaders will not be approved without proof of Youth Protection training. For new leaders, print out the certificate at the end of the on-line training and attach it to your adult application before sending it in to Council. Youth Protection training can be taken on-line or in a class UPON REQUEST. Please contact your District Executive if your unit would like to have local in-person training. Youth Protection is offered by many units - contact your Cubmaster or Scoutmaster to see if your unit provides training.

Youth Protection Overview

Five Point Strategy Guiding the BSA’s Youth Protection is a five-point strategy to prevent child abuse:
1. Educating adult volunteers, parents, and youth to aid in the detection and prevention of child abuse.
2. Establishing leader-selection procedures to prevent offenders from entering your organization leadership ranks.
3. Establish policies that create barriers to child abuse within the program.
4. Encourage youth to report improper behavior in order to identify offenders quickly.
5. Swift removal and reporting of alleged offenders that are BSA registered leaders.

The Three Rs of Youth Protection Members of the Boy Scouts of America are taught the Three R’s of Youth Protection. This stresses that the child needs to RECOGNIZE situations that place him at risk of being molested, how child molesters operate, and that anyone can be a molester. The child needs to know that if he RESISTS, most child molesters will leave him alone. And, if the child REPORTS attempted or actual molestation he will help protect himself as well as other children from further abuse, and will not be blamed for what occurred.

Youth Protection Training
How do I get trained?

On-Line Click here to take the training on-line at myscouting.org You do not need to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection Training.
To take the training:
1. From the menu on the left, click E-Learning.
2. From the General tab, scroll down to Youth Protection Training and click Take Course.
3. When you complete the course, print a certificate of completion to submit with a volunteer application, or submit the certificate to the unit leader for processing at the local council. When your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a BSA membership card, which includes your member ID number. You must enter this member ID into your MyScouting profile so that your local council has a record of the training you have taken online. To do this, log into MyScouting, click My Profile, and enter your member ID number. This links your Youth Protection training, and any other MyScouting training, to your BSA membership.

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